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Subject[Announce] mountlo 0.5 - Loopback mounting in userspace
I'm proud to announce a new version of my pet project 'mountlo', a
utility which works similarly to 'mount -o loop', but the filesystem
runs entirely in userspace.

While arguably it is quite useless, I like it because it combines some
of my favorite technologies (Linux, UML and FUSE) with very little
additional glue code.


o safe mounting of filesystem images for unprivileged users
o all disk-filesystem types supported in a single binary

What's new since 0.2:

o support for partitioned disk images
o support for mount options
o error reporting both from mount and the kernel
o achieves reasonable performance using SKAS0 mode of UML
o verbose and debug modes

An i386 binary (2MB) is available at:

Requirements for running the binary are:

- FUSE kernel module. Since 2.6.14, this is included in mainline
- FUSE utilities (at least version 2.2).

Compiling from source needs the following components:

- Linux-2.6.15 kernel source
- FUSE-2.5 or later devel package (or source installation)

Comments and bug reports are welcome.

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