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SubjectRe: [slightly OT] dvdrecord 0.3.1 -- and yes, dev=/dev/cdrom works ;)
Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>>>And what about DVD-RAM drives? Any plans to support those?
>>My [limited] understanding of DVD-RAM drives was that they are basically
>>removable block devices... you wouldn't need a recording program for that,
>>you'd use it like a floppy.
> Same goes for DVD+RW. One may want to use it in conjunction with pktcdvd
> for aligning and command queueing/iosched reasons.

Can I mount a friendly challenge to that idea?

The reason being, I've got a DVD writer that supports DVD-RAM, and
because I was curious I bought one. The media is *hard sectored*. That
is, you look at the underneath and you see a series of concentric dots,
each the same angular distance from each other. I had presumed that
these are to give the drive something big to key its read/write
operations on. Nice, except I don't think the media is compatible with
a regular DVD drive.

DVD+RW, on the other hand, I just thought was a different surface
technology (more expensive, higher quality) than DVD-RW. There is
nothing to help with the lead-in/lead-out problem that is why you have
several megabytes of lead-in and lead-out per session on a multi-session

But maybe I'm wrong here... if I could use a DVD+RW like a DVD-RAM I'd
be very happy indeed.

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