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SubjectRe: Git via a proxy server?
On Wed, 22 Feb 2006 10:44:23 -0500 Salyzyn, Mark wrote:

> Rsync protocol for git is not working for some reason when I pick up the
> trees; apparently others share my experience. So I switched to the git
> protocol. I can pick up the trees via git if I am outside Adaptec's
> network, but inside I need to go through the proxy server.

I have successfully used transconnect
( for tunnelling git
protocol through a HTTP proxy (squid in my case) supporting the CONNECT

Git also supports the GIT_PROXY_COMMAND environment variable (or
core.gitproxy config option), through which you can specify a program to
be run instead of connecting to a TCP port - then you can use netcat for
connecting through proxy; however, I have not tried this.

Note: most HTTP proxy servers allow CONNECT method to a very limited
range of ports, and administrators will need to enable the git port
(9418) explicitly.
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