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SubjectRe: kernel panic with unloadable module support... SMP
On Sun, 2006-02-19 at 13:51 -0800, Ben Ford wrote:
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> George P Nychis wrote:
> > Okay, I downloaded the 2.6.16-r4 kernel and left it unmodified and I do
> not get the panic.
> >
> > Can you suggest anything for me so that I can find what is causing the
> panic with the gentoo vanilla sources?
> Gentoo doesn't understand the concept of "vanilla" packages. Make a
> practice of downloading your kernel directly from and
> building it yourself.

Uhm, last time I checked, sys-kernel/vanilla-sources was just that -
vanilla sources handled by the package manager.

If you check what is in portage currently, there are no 2.6.15-rc or
even _any_ version that have a -rX, so he either used the
gentoo-sources, or he used which had a bug that was fixed in
2.6.16-rc4 (assuming, as there are no 2.6.16-r4 on No way
to know if he don't specify the correct version, or try the same version
directly from (which would probably give the same results if
he really did use vanilla-sources).

> Out of 10+ boxes that I've run on Gentoo, only one has worked using
> the Gentoo kernel.

Maybe, but did you file a bug ? No reason for random ranting if you had
issues with their patched kernel. I can name many other distribution
kernels, and some ones that had issues, but then it usually
was my own fault if it stayed an issue.

Martin Schlemmer

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