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SubjectRe: [ 01/10] [Suspend2] kernel/power/modules.h

On Thursday 02 February 2006 20:16, Pavel Machek wrote:
> > I'm more concerned about the security implications. I'll freely admit
> > that I haven't spent any real time looking at your code, but I'm
> > concerned that the additional functionality made available could be used
> > by viruses and the like. I'm sure you'd have to be root to do anything,
> > but how could the interfaces be misused?
> In vanilla kernel userland suspend has no security implications: root
> can just do what he wants in /dev/mem, anyway.


> In fedora kernel, userland suspend can be [miss]used to snapshot an
> image, modify it, and write it back. Fortunately, this is going to
> take *long* time so people will notice. [Interface changed on DaveJ's
> request, now we have separate device, we no longer mess with
> /dev/mem]. And similar problem exists in suspend2 -- malicious
> graphical progress bar could probably modify memory image on disk.

How? It's just an ordinary process with no special permissions or access to
memory. The communication between the userspace process and the kernel is in
the form of a netlink socket, with the only messages sent back and forth
being what should be displayed or what actions the user requested. Everything
related to preparing the image and performing the I/O is done in the kernel.
There's no way I can see that a malicious userspace program could modify
anything but its own memory.


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