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SubjectRe: Purpose of MMC_DATA_MULTI?
Russell King wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 10:37:12AM +0100, Pierre Ossman wrote:
>> Russell King wrote:
>>> On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 07:40:26AM +0100, Pierre Ossman wrote:
>>>> I noticed that a new transfer flag was recently added to the MMC layer
>>>> without any immediate users, the MMC_DATA_MULTI flag. I'm guessing the
>>>> purpose of the flag is to indicate the difference between
>>>> If so, then that should probably be mentioned in a comment somewhere.
>>> There are hosts out there (Atmel AT91-based) which need to know if the
>>> transfer is going to be multiple block. Rather than have them test
>>> the op-code (which is what they're already doing), we provide a flag
>>> instead.
>> As far as the hardware is concerned there are two "multi-block" transfers:
>> * Multiple, back-to-back blocks.
>> * One or more blocks that need to be terminated by some form of stop
>> command.
>> The first can be identified by checking the number of blocks in the
>> request, the latter is harder to identify since it's a protocol semantic
>> (it could be just one block, but still need a stop). Does MMC_DATA_MULTI
>> indicate the latter, former or both?
> In short, it's defined to be whatever AT91_MCI_TRTYP_MULTIPLE means in
> the AT91RM9200 MMC host driver, which appears to be set for any of the
> multiple block commands. They currently are doing:

That's a bit fuzzy and bound to give problems. Why not settle for the
first case and change their code to check the block count in the
request? Less flags should be a good thing. And if that proves to be
insufficient we should do a more thorough investigation once we have an
actual failure case.

> and using that as a lookup table by command for the value to put into
> the command register. I want to eliminate that, and not passing the
> MULTI flag prevents elimination of this table.

Seems to be a common theme in the more recent drivers. Don't they teach
people proper layering in the schools anymore? :)


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