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    SubjectRe: [PATCH ] VMSPLIT config options (with default config fixed)
    >>>>> On Wed, 01 Feb 2006, Herbert Poetzl wrote:

    > glad to see that the linux kernel is now ready for the 'idea'
    > I submitted a patch[1] for, more than a year ago -- which
    > unfortunately went unnoticed back then ...

    > [1]

    Hm, I wonder if we could have a more fine-grained choice of the
    boundary? There are also systems around with e.g. 1.25G or 1.5G of
    main memory.

    The following patch is against 2.6.16-rc1-mm4 and allows for steps of
    256M between 1G and 3G.


    Signed-off-by: Ulrich Mueller <>

    diff -Nur linux-2.6.16-rc1-mm4.orig/arch/i386/Kconfig linux-2.6.16-rc1-mm4/arch/i386/Kconfig
    --- linux-2.6.16-rc1-mm4.orig/arch/i386/Kconfig 2006-01-31 16:43:11.000000000 +0100
    +++ linux-2.6.16-rc1-mm4/arch/i386/Kconfig 2006-01-31 17:16:44.000000000 +0100
    @@ -470,18 +470,33 @@

    config VMSPLIT_3G
    bool "3G/1G user/kernel split"
    - config VMSPLIT_3G_OPT
    - bool "3G/1G user/kernel split (for full 1G low memory)"
    + config VMSPLIT_2G75
    + bool "2.75G/1.25G user/kernel split (for full 1G low memory)"
    + config VMSPLIT_2G5
    + bool "2.5G/1.5G user/kernel split"
    + config VMSPLIT_2G25
    + bool "2.25G/1.75G user/kernel split"
    config VMSPLIT_2G
    bool "2G/2G user/kernel split"
    + config VMSPLIT_1G75
    + bool "1.75G/2.25G user/kernel split (for full 2G low memory)"
    + config VMSPLIT_1G5
    + bool "1.5G/2.5G user/kernel split"
    + config VMSPLIT_1G25
    + bool "1.25G/2/75G user/kernel split"
    config VMSPLIT_1G
    bool "1G/3G user/kernel split"

    config PAGE_OFFSET
    - default 0xB0000000 if VMSPLIT_3G_OPT
    - default 0x78000000 if VMSPLIT_2G
    + default 0xB0000000 if VMSPLIT_2G75
    + default 0xA0000000 if VMSPLIT_2G5
    + default 0x90000000 if VMSPLIT_2G25
    + default 0x80000000 if VMSPLIT_2G
    + default 0x70000000 if VMSPLIT_1G75
    + default 0x60000000 if VMSPLIT_1G5
    + default 0x50000000 if VMSPLIT_1G25
    default 0x40000000 if VMSPLIT_1G
    default 0xC0000000

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