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SubjectRe: No sound from SB live!

> > root@hobit:~# uname -a
> > Linux hobit 2.6.16-rc4 #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Feb 18 23:53:41 CET 2006
> > i686 GNU/Linux
> >
> Same problem here some time ago. See below forwarded message.


> > First check /proc/asound/cards to see whether the emu10k1 model is
> > detected properly. If '[Unknown]' is shown, your model is not
> > listed in the whitelist.
> Seems ok (see below). But i came to the conclusion that it might be
> KMix as well, because alsa-mixer (console) works fine.
> Maybe if the name of the output (or input) device (now both are
> "Wave") is changed to be different from the other names the problem
> will dissapear. I didn't have time to do this (i am not a programmer
> also).

I tried enabled everything I could in alsamixer, but still could not
get it to produce some sound :-(.
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