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SubjectRe: [patch 0/6] lightweight robust futexes: -V3
> > [ ... nice writeup of the robust-futex ABI ... ]
> can i put this into Documentation/robust-futex-ABI.txt?

Good idea - so be it.

Could you review it for accuracy -- I'm sure I screwed
it up in some details, large or small.

Ulrich -- if you're reading this -- your review comments
would be most welcome as well.

In particular:
1) See the description of the removal protocol, below
the XXX comment. I was really guessing there.
2) Could you add a statement on how current code should
handle the FUTEX_OWNER_PENDING bit (when to set it,
when to clear it, when to preserve it) so that current
code won't be incompatible with likely future uses of
this big?
3) You have implicit ABI versioning in the size of the
head struct. Could you add words describing that?


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