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SubjectRe: any FS with tree-based quota system?
On Tue, 14 Feb 2006, Neil Brown wrote:
> On Monday February 13, wrote:
>> I would like to be able to apply a quota to a particular tree, and have
>> every file and directory in the path of that tree count toward that
>> tree's quota usage. I can prevent hard links across trees.
>> I noticed that Neil Brown wrote some patches fairly early on in the 2.4
>> cycle to do tree-based quota by UID. The last patch-set I found was
>> against 2.4.14
>> ( from late
>> 2001, and did not come with patches to quota-tools.
> Following is my tree-quota patch updated to However it
> doesn't do exactly what you claim to want.


> You still need to assign a uid to each user (the kernel needs some
> number to use as an index into the quotas file). But only the top-level
> directory of each tree needs to be owned by the uid. Files beneath the
> top can be owned by anyone.

I'm hoping to modify your patch to use the inode at the root of the tree
instead of a particular uid as the quota owner, so that setting a quota of
50Mb on /some/location would charge usage for any children of
/some/location to the inode of /some/location.

> I can dig-up a patch for quota-utils if you want to proceed with this.

I would appreciate that.

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