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SubjectRe: Random reboots
On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 10:10:43PM +0100, wrote:
> said:
> > Ever since upgrading our file server from to 2.6.14+, it
> > has been experiencing random reboots about every 2-3 weeks. I'm
> > pretty certain it's a kernel issue: it shares a UPS with a few other
> > machines, so it's not the power. We had uptimes of ~6 months with
> >, and I've run memtest86 overnight since adding some memory
> > a few months ago, so I don't suspect hardware trouble. We've had 5
> > of these reboots now, so it's a repeatable problem, albeit on an
> > agonizing timescale for testing.
> Any chance you're running spamassassin on that box? I've seen similar
> issues lately and, comparing /var/log/messages with crontab, have
> concluded that sa-learn sometimes kills the box when run by cron. It
> seems so odd that I haven't found the guts to ask about it figuring
> that I should do some more test myself, but I don't have much else to
> go on...

Nope, no spamassassin. It doesn't seem to happen at any particular time
of day/week/month or in conjunction with any particular load.

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