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SubjectRe: any FS with tree-based quota system?
Chris Stromsoe wrote:
> I'm looking for a file system with a tree-based quota system. XFS on
> IRIX has projects, but that functionality didn't get ported over to
> Linux that I can see.

Linux-VServer has some extra quota features, not quite what you're
asking for but perhaps relevant for looking at a patch playing with
quotas on a recent kernel. The way it works is that you bind mount
parts of the VFS to another part, and the new mount can have seperate
quota settings.

The most recent split out patch for that is at:

(see it colourised in my gitweb -;a=commitdiff;h=04a1f42903356f18ebdb89613c50923e54506536

But it might not stand on its own just yet; it probably at least needs
the Bind Mount Extensions (bme) patch too; it's probably easiest to
apply the entire VServer patch for experimentation.

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