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SubjectRe: CD-blanking leads to machine freeze with current -git
* Doug McNaught <> [2006-02-11 10:35:19 -0500]:

> Marc Koschewski <> writes:
> > The cdrecord man page says this:
> >
> > Setting the -immed flag will request the command to return
> > immediately while the operation proceeds in background, making
> > the bus usable for the other devices and avoiding the system
> > freeze. This is an experimental feature which may work or
> > not, depending on the model of the CD/DVD writer. A correct
> > solution would be to set up a correct cabling but there seem
> > to be notebooks around that have been set up the wrong way by
> > the manufacturer. As it is impossible to fix this problem in
> > notebooks, the -immed option has been added.
> > It how can the bus run the command sent on the device 'in the
> >background' when it can only process _one_ request at a time?
> >
> > To me it sound like the foreground process (cdrecord) fork()s a
> >process to blank the CD-RW. Clear. But you said the bus is not able
> >to do so... I'm not getting this.
> Some CD writers are apparently able to release the bus while
> blanking, allowing use of the bus by other devices. The 'immed' flag
> tries to use this feature. fork() has nothing to do with it--he's
> talking about the IDE command, not the cdrecord program.

I just thought about fork() as Alan (surely and others) told the IDE bus cannot
run several commands at a time. So fork() was the only left-over I could think
of. I didn't know some devices can kinda 'detach' themselves as long as the
blank is going on...

Things are clear now. OK, more clear. Not clear. ;)

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