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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 04/20] pspace: Allow multiple instaces of the process id namespace
    Kirill Korotaev <> writes:

    > Actually I can't say your patch is cleaner somehow.
    > It is very big and most of the changes are trivial, which creates an illusion
    > that it is straightforward and clean.

    It is hard to make a comparison. Your patch posted to the mail list
    was incomplete, and I could only find a giant patch for OpenVZ.

    Beyond that if your patch introduced a type change for internal pids
    and used that generate compile errors when someone did not use the
    appropriate type, I would be a lot happier and the code would
    be a lot more maintainable. I.e. It would not take an audit of
    the kernel source to find the issues an allyesconfig build would find
    them for you.

    I don't think my current implementation actually causes enough compile
    errors, but I need think closely about it before I go much farther.

    Maintainable code is a delicate balancing act between things that
    trip you up when you get it wrong, and not being so cumbersome you
    get in the programmers way.

    The advantages I see with my approach.
    - I have hierarchical pids so nesting is possible.
    - The state after migration is not suboptimal.
    - I cause compiler errors which makes maintenance easier.
    - Other kernel developers gut feel is that (container, pid) is the proper
    I actually flip flop on the issue of if I want the internal representation
    to be (container, pid) or a magic kpid that combines the into one integer.
    I know I don't want the kpid to be user space visible though.

    So far you have not addressed the issues of maintaining code in the
    kernel tree.

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