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SubjectRe: [linux-pm] Re: [PATCH, RFC] [1/3] Generic in-kernel AC status
On Čt 09-02-06 09:53:44, Gabor Gombas wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 05:08:58PM +0000, Matthew Garrett wrote:
> > The backlight interface only supports exporting and setting the current
> > brightness. For various bits of hardware, the AC and DC brightnesses are
> > stored separately. Drivers would need to know which brightness value to
> > export to userspace. I have an HP backlight driver here which would
> > benefit from this, and I'm looking at the same issue for a Panasonic
> > one.
> I don't know the backlight interface but extending it to export all
> available brightness values would seem more logical to me.
> If I'd had a laptop I'd hate if I could only set the DC brightness if I
> plug out the AC power.

Still "set current brightness" operation makes a lot of sense.
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