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SubjectRe: [BUG] nfs version 2 broken
Trond Myklebust wrote:

>Does it do the same if you mount the same partition normally (i.e. not
>through nfsroot) in some other directory?

That also fails. Same error message.

Unlike the nfsroot code at least my version of mount
does not use nfs version 2 as the default. I had to force
a v2 nfs mount attempt with mount -o nfsvers=2 ...

Would it be a good idea to change the default nfs version
nfsroot uses? I think nfsroot and mount defaults should
be identical.

BTW: Google shows some related old threads, e.g. "Madhan" writes on
2 Aug. 2001 06:55 "There has been a change in the NFS Client
behaviour in Linux Kernel 2.4.3 onwards. There are 2 issues here,
1. as traces show new clients expect link count '1' and NetWare
NFS has been sending '0' for volumes. ..."


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