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    SubjectRe: Loud POP from sound system during module init w/ 2.6.19
    Previous kernel was, which did not exhibit the problem. I was
    aware of udev setting the mixer at module load time, but I disabled
    that and the problem still exists.

    Ian E. Morgan

    On 09/12/06, Jan Engelhardt <> wrote:
    > On Dec 8 2006 13:53, Ian E. Morgan wrote:
    > >Subject: Loud POP from sound system during module init w/ 2.6.19
    > What kernel did you have before?
    > What you see is the same I am experiencing on every boot - when the sound
    > module is loaded, udev loads the previous volume settings. The volume settings
    > are normal for me, but I guess the instant jump from 0-70% (for Master) and
    > 0-61% (for PCM) is not taken too heartly by the soundcard.
    > > Since upgrading to 2.6.19, two of my boxes (one workstation, one
    > > notebook) started making a very loud (and scary) POP from the sound
    > > system when the alsa modules are loaded. Unloading and reloading the
    > > modules will generate another pop.
    > >
    > > Anybody else seeing this behaviour and know how to stop it?
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