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SubjectRe: VCD not readable under 2.6.18
Infact, just inserting a CD is enough. No need for a media player to try and access the files. :)

The backend must be polling and trying to mount the disc upon insertion. Kernel 2.6.16 and before did that fine, but kernel 2.6.17 and above don't and give error messages. Which explains why downgrading the kernel solves the problem. (If it were a HAL or KDE/ GNOME problem then shouldn't downgrading the kernel *not* help?) Just thinking aloud ...

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From: S.Çağlar Onur <>
To: Ismail Donmez <>
Cc: Alan <>; Rakhesh Sasidharan <>;;
Sent: Saturday, December 9, 2006 8:09:05 PM
Subject: Re: VCD not readable under 2.6.18

09 Ara 2006 Cts 16:15 tarihinde, Ismail Donmez şunları yazmıştı:
> Well my bet is xine-lib is buggy somehow as I can reproduce this bug with
> kaffeine ( KDE media player ).

Same symptoms occur with mplayer also, dmesg flooded with warnings, what about
hal or KDE's cdpolling backend?

S.Çağlar Onur <>

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