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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] New firewire stack
    Marcel Holtmann wrote:
    > Hi Erik,
    >>>> can you please use drivers/firewire/ if you want to start clean or
    >>>> aiming at replacing drivers/ieee1394/. Using "fw" as an abbreviation in
    >>>> the directory path is not really helpful.
    >>> Yes, that's probably a better idea. Do you see a problem with using fw_*
    >>> as a prefix in the code though? I don't see anybody using that prefix, but
    >>> Stefan pointed out to me that it's often used to abbreviate firmware too.
    >> So what about fiwi_*? If that's too close to wifi_*, try frwr_.
    > please don't. These kind of abbreviations make my brain tilt. For the
    > directory name you basically should use the full name. In this case it
    > will be drivers/ieee1394/ or drivers/firewire/. Nothing else is really
    > acceptable and if you look at other subsystems, you will see that they
    > always use the long name.
    > For the exported public functions you might wanna use abbreviations, but
    > in general I don't recommend it. And normally we only talk about a
    > limited functions that are needed to be exposed via EXPORT_SYMBOL.

    I think I'll stick with my fw_* prefix for now, it's nice and short and not
    too cryptic. I'm only exporting a small set of functions anyway, and they're
    all only used inside the firewire stack.


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