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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] New firewire stack
    Hi Erik,

    > > >can you please use drivers/firewire/ if you want to start clean or
    > > >aiming at replacing drivers/ieee1394/. Using "fw" as an abbreviation in
    > > >the directory path is not really helpful.
    > >
    > > Yes, that's probably a better idea. Do you see a problem with using fw_*
    > > as a prefix in the code though? I don't see anybody using that prefix, but
    > > Stefan pointed out to me that it's often used to abbreviate firmware too.
    > So what about fiwi_*? If that's too close to wifi_*, try frwr_.

    please don't. These kind of abbreviations make my brain tilt. For the
    directory name you basically should use the full name. In this case it
    will be drivers/ieee1394/ or drivers/firewire/. Nothing else is really
    acceptable and if you look at other subsystems, you will see that they
    always use the long name.

    For the exported public functions you might wanna use abbreviations, but
    in general I don't recommend it. And normally we only talk about a
    limited functions that are needed to be exposed via EXPORT_SYMBOL.



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