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    SubjectRe: -mm merge plans for 2.6.20
    Andrew Morton writes:

    > ppc-m48t35-add-missing-bracket.patch
    > powerpc-replace-kmallocmemset-with-kzalloc.patch

    These are already in Linus' tree.

    > Am holding onto these until the powerpc git tree gets un-messied up.

    It should be fine now. Linus has pulled it, so there are currently no
    changes in powerpc.git relative to Linus' tree.

    > radix-tree-rcu-lockless-readside.patch
    > There's no reason to merge this yet.

    We want to use it in some powerpc arch code. Currently we use a
    per-cpu array of spinlocks, and this patch would let us get rid of
    that array.

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