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    SubjectRE: la la la la ... swappiness

    > From: Horst H. von Brand []
    > That means that there isn't a need for that memory at all (and so they

    In the current isolated non-production, not actually bearing a load test
    case yes. But if I can't get it to not swap on an idle system I have no hope
    of avoiding OOM on a loaded system.

    > In any case, how do you know it is the tar data that stays around, and not
    > just that the number of pages "in use" stays roughly constant?

    I'm not dumping the contents of memory so I don't.

    > - What you are doing, step by step

    Trying to deliver a high availability, linearly scalable, clustered iSCSI
    storage solution that can be upgraded with minimum downtime.

    > - What are your exact requirements

    OOM not to kill anything.

    > - In what exact way is it missbehaving. Please tell /in detail/ how you

    OOM kills important stuff.

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