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SubjectRe: la la la la ... swappiness
Aucoin wrote:
>>From: Nick Piggin []
>>We had customers see similar incorrect OOM problems, so I sent in some
>>patches merged after 2.6.16. Can you upgrade to latest kernel? (otherwise
>>I guess backporting could be an option for you).
> I will raise the question of moving the kernel forward one more time before
> release. Can you point me to the patches you mentioned?

These two are the main ones:;a=commit;h=408d85441cd5a9bd6bc851d677a10c605ed8db5f;a=commit;h=4ff1ffb4870b007b86f21e5f27eeb11498c4c077

They shouldn't be too hard to backport.

I'd be interested to know how OOM and page reclaim behaves after these patches
(or with a newer kernel).


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