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SubjectRe: new harddrive with media error
Alexander Nagel wrote:
> Hi all,
> i installed a new drive (WDC WD5000KS-00M) in my computer and installed
> WinXP on it. Afterwards i installed Debian etch on the second one
> (HDS722512VLSA80). Everything works fine so far, but during every boot i
> get following messages in dmesg [1]
> Kernel [2] is 2.6.18 as default kernel in etch.
> the board is a asusboard with via chipset [3]
> The problem is that the boottime is very long, for every "media error" ~
> 3 sec. :-(

That's because your hard disk has errors.

Maybe not on the whole disk, but some parts of the disk are
certainly broken. It's a good thing you discovered this so
soon after installation, and are not relying on it yet with
all your personal data.

You'll want to exchange the disk for one without media errors.

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