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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH -mm 0/5] proposal for dynamic configurable netconsole
    Thank you for your comments.

    >> So, I propose the following extended features for netconsole.
    >> 1) support for multiple logging agents.
    >> 2) add interface to access each parameter of netconsole
    >> using sysfs.
    >> This patch is for linux-2.6.20-rc1-mm1 and is divided to each function.
    >> Your comments are very welcome.
    > Rather than extending the existing kludge with module parameter, to
    > sysfs. I would rather see a better API for this. Please build think
    > about doing a better API with a basic set of ioctl's. Some additional

    What advantage do we use a set of ioctl's compared to sysfs?
    I think that sysfs is easier and more readable than the ioctl's
    to change configurations(IP address and port number and so on).

    # cat /sys/class/misc/netconsole/port1/remote_ip
    # echo > /sys/class/misc/netconsole/port1/remote_ip
    # cat /sys/class/misc/netconsole/port1/remote_ip

    And the sysfs doesn't need to create access program such as the ioctl's.
    If you change configurations related to netconsole through the sysfs interface,
    a simple script file including a set of commands such as above echo
    will help you set up automatically.

    > things:
    > - shouldn't just be IPV4 specific, should handle IPV6 as well

    I would like to implement handling IPV6 on demand in the future.

    > - shouldn't specify MAC address, it can do network discovery/arp to
    > find that when adding addresses

    I think a userland application would rather find target MAC address and
    change it through the sysfs.

    Keiichi KII
    NEC Corporation OSS Promotion Center

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