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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.20-rc2
    On 12/24/06, Linus Torvalds <> wrote:
    > Ok,
    > it's a couple of days delayed, because we've been trying to figure out
    > what is up with the rtorrent hash failures since I don't think
    > we've made any progress, but we've cleaned up a number of suspects in the
    > meantime.
    > It's a bit sad, if only because I was really hoping to make 2.6.20 an easy
    > release, and held back on merging some stuff during the merge window for
    > that reason. And now we're battling something that was introduced much
    > earlier..
    > Now, practically speaking this isn't likely to affect a lot of people, but
    > it's still a worrisome problem, and we've had "top people" looking at it.
    > And they'll continue, but xmas is coming.
    > In the meantime, we'll continue with the stabilization, and this mainly
    > does some driver updates (usb, sound, dri, pci hotplug) and ACPI updates
    > (much of the latter syntactic cleanups). And arm and powerpc updates.
    > Shortlog appended.
    > For developers: if you sent me a patch, and I didn't apply it, it was
    > probably just missed because I concentrated on other issues. So pls
    > re-send.. Unless I explicitly told you that I'm not going to pull it due
    > to the merge window being over, of course ;)
    > Linus

    [shortlog snipped]

    As already reported multiple times, including at -rc1 time...

    still need this libata-sff.c patch:

    to have my root device detected, ata_piix probe would otherwise
    fail as described in this thread:

    Enjoy the holiday season,


    "...when I get it, I _get_ it"

    (Lara Eidemiller)
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