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    SubjectRe: [patch] change WARN_ON back to "BUG: at ..."

    * Steven Rostedt <> wrote:

    > WARN_ON is still a BUG, but we know enough about it that we can just
    > cripple the system so that it doesn't break anything. [...]

    well - a WARN_ON() can be /anything/. It is the same as BUG_ON(), but it
    doesnt crash the box immediately and on purpose. In that sense all
    existing BUG_ON()s should be converted to WARN_ON()s or to panic()s
    (whichever fits best for that particular BUG_ON()).

    [ or all WARN_ON()s should be converted to BUG_ON()s and the behavior of
    BUG_ON() should be changed to /not/ crash the system on purpose - and
    for those cases where we really do not want to continue, panic()
    should be used. That way the user can set panic policy himself. ]

    i can whip up a patch for any of these conversions, but i dont think we
    need this flux right now.

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