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    SubjectRe: Patch "i386: Relocatable kernel support" causes instant reboot
    Hi Vivek,

    On Fri, 22 Dec 2006 16:10:56 +0530, Vivek Goyal wrote:
    > Another odd thing is that "file vmlinux.bin" shows following.
    > vmlinux.bin: Sendmail frozen configuration - version \015\024\322\216\356\222X\2306\032H\220\303\270\006\007\003
    > I am not sure what does it mean. I had expected it to be a data blob.
    > "vmlinux.bin: data"

    The file command uses heuristics to attempt to identify files. Here a
    random sequence of bytes was simply misinterpreted as something
    completely different. You can tell from the version string which is
    totally broken. So, "file" could be improved to avoid this false
    positive, but that's about it.

    Now, what's still relevant is that my vmlinux.bin starts with a
    binary sequence which differs from all other vmlinux.bin files around.
    So it's a hint that it is corrupted, although a deeper analysis will be
    required to figure out how and why.

    Jean Delvare
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