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    SubjectRe: data corruption with nvidia chipsets and IDE/SATA drives
    On Sat, 2006-12-02 17:17:37, Kurtis D. Rader wrote:
    > The same disks attached to a Promise TX2 SATA controller (in the same
    > system) experience no corruption.

    I spoke too soon. Corruption is occurring with the disks attached to the
    Promise TX2 SATA controller but much less frequently. With the drives
    attached to the nVidia controller copying certain 2 GiB files would
    result in at least five bytes, and as many as thirty, being corrupted
    every single time. On the Promise controller a given copy is likely to be
    good. And when corruption does occur fewer bytes are being affected ---
    as little as a single byte in a 2 GiB file. But still, some files never
    show corruption while others do.

    The Promise controller in a PCI slot is measurably slower than the nVidia
    on the baseboard so the speed of the transfers appears to be a factor. In
    addition to the pattern of data. My hunch is this is a nVidia nForce 4
    chipset design defect involving buss crosstalk or something similar. Which
    may be why I'm not seeing it when writing to my relatively slow PATA disks.

    Kurtis D. Rader, Linux level 3 support email:
    IBM Integrated Technology Services DID: +1 503-578-3714
    15300 SW Koll Pkwy, MS RHE2-O2 service: 800-IBM-SERV
    Beaverton, OR 97006-6063
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