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    SubjectRe: Mounting NFS root FS

    >> > I have been trying to make FC5's kernel do a boot with an NFS root file
    >> > system. I see
    >> > the support is in the kernel(?). I have tried this:
    >> >
    >> >> root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=
    >> This feature is almost deprecated. One is supposed to use initramfs,
    >> /sbin/ip or some DHCP client, and a mount program nowadays.
    >But I think that there are plenty of light terminals still booting like
    >this which will not be able to upgrade anymore then. Even right here,
    >my web server (parisc) boot from the network that way. At least an
    >initramfs would need to be able to cope with the same syntax,

    No problem:


    for o in `cat /proc/cmdline`; do
    case "$o" in

    ### further parse $arg

    simplified example of how this can be accomplished. This is why
    initrds/initramfs are so much more powerful than in-kernel software.

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