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SubjectRE: [patch 2.6.19-rc6] Stop gcc 4.1.0 optimizing wait_hpet_tick away

>> Next you stick a my_other_func declaration in a header and use
>> my_other_func instead of my_func() in the main function. Now the
>> result is that the compiler has no damn clue what my_other_func()
>> contains so it can't optimize it out of the loop with either
>> version. You cannot treat "volatile" the way you are saying it is
>> treated without severely violating both the C99 spec *and* common sense.
>The compiler *happens* to have no damn clue because such inter-module
>optimizations don't exist. That doesn't make the code correct, just not
>likely to demonstrate its brokenness.

GCC has inter-module optimization, it's just not used everyday. I think
I have seen a discussion on this.

Right there it is ->

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