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    SubjectRe: [KORG] Re: lies about latest -mm kernel
    J.H. wrote:
    > The problem has been hashed over quite a bit recently, and I would be
    > curious what you would consider the real problem after you see the
    > situation.

    OK, thanks for the summary.

    > The root cause boils down to with git, gitweb and the normal mirroring
    > on the frontend machines our basic working set no longer stays resident
    > in memory, which is forcing more and more to actively go to disk causing
    > a much higher I/O load. You have the added problem that one of the
    > frontend machines is getting hit harder than the other due to several
    > factors: various DNS servers not round robining, people explicitly
    > hitting [git|mirrors|www|etc]1 instead of 2 for whatever reason and
    > probably several other factors we aren't aware of. This has caused the
    > average load on that machine to hover around 150-200 and if for whatever
    > reason we have to take one of the machines down the load on the
    > remaining machine will skyrocket to 2000+.
    > Since it's apparent not everyone is aware of what we are doing, I'll
    > mention briefly some of the bigger points.
    > - We have contacted HP to see if we can get additional hardware, mind
    > you though this is a long term solution and will take time, but if our
    > request is approved it will double the number of machines
    > runs.
    > - Gitweb is causing us no end of headache, there are (known to me
    > anyway) two different things happening on that. I am looking at Jeff
    > Garzik's suggested caching mechanism as a temporary stop-gap, with an
    > eye more on doing a rather heavy re-write of gitweb itself to include
    > semi-intelligent caching. I've already started in on the later - and I
    > just about have the caching layer put in. But this is still at least a
    > week out before we could even remotely consider deploying it.
    > - We've cut back on the number of ftp and rsync users to the machines.
    > Basically we are cutting back where we can in an attempt to keep the
    > load from spiraling out of control, this helped a bit when we recently
    > had to take one of the machines down and instead of loads spiking into
    > the 2000+ range we peaked at about 500-600 I believe.
    > So we know the problem is there, and we are working on it - we are
    > getting e-mails about it if not daily than every other day or so. If
    > there are suggestions we are willing to hear them - but the general
    > feeling with the admins is that we are probably hitting the biggest
    > problems already.

    I have (or had) no insight into the problem analysis, just that there
    is a big problem. Fortunately you and others know that too and
    are working on it.

    You asked what I (or anyone) would consider the real problem.
    I can't really say since I have no performance/profile data to base
    it on. There has been some noise about (not) providing mirror services
    for distros. Is that a big cpu/memory consumer? If so, then is that
    something that could shed over some N (6 ?) months?
    I understand not dropping it immediately, but it seems to be more of
    a convenience rather than something related to kernel development.

    > - John 'Warthog9' Hawley
    > Admin
    > On Sat, 2006-12-16 at 10:02 -0800, Randy Dunlap wrote:
    >> Andrew Morton wrote:
    >>> On Sat, 16 Dec 2006 09:44:21 -0800
    >>> Randy Dunlap <> wrote:
    >>>> On Thu, 14 Dec 2006 23:37:18 +0100 Pavel Machek wrote:
    >>>>> Hi!
    >>>>> pavel@amd:/data/pavel$ finger
    >>>>> []
    >>>>> ...
    >>>>> The latest -mm patch to the stable Linux kernels is: 2.6.19-rc6-mm2
    >>>>> pavel@amd:/data/pavel$ head /data/l/linux-mm/Makefile
    >>>>> VERSION = 2
    >>>>> PATCHLEVEL = 6
    >>>>> SUBLEVEL = 19
    >>>>> EXTRAVERSION = -mm1
    >>>>> ...
    >>>>> pavel@amd:/data/pavel$
    >>>>> AFAICT 2.6.19-mm1 is newer than 2.6.19-rc6-mm2, but does
    >>>>> not understand that.
    >>>> Still true (not listed) for 2.6.20-rc1-mm1 :(
    >>>> Could someone explain what the problem is and what it would
    >>>> take to correct it?
    >>> 2.6.20-rc1-mm1 still hasn't propagated out to the servers (it's been 36
    >>> hours). Presumably the front page non-update is a consequence of that.
    >> Agreed on the latter part. Can someone address the real problem???

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