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SubjectRe: [KORG] Re: lies about latest -mm kernel

> The problem has been hashed over quite a bit recently, and I would be
> curious what you would consider the real problem after you see the
> situation.
> The root cause boils down to with git, gitweb and the normal mirroring
> on the frontend machines our basic working set no longer stays resident
> in memory, which is forcing more and more to actively go to disk causing
> a much higher I/O load. You have the added problem that one of the
> frontend machines is getting hit harder than the other due to several
> factors: various DNS servers not round robining, people explicitly
> hitting [git|mirrors|www|etc]1 instead of 2 for whatever reason and
> probably several other factors we aren't aware of. This has caused the
> average load on that machine to hover around 150-200 and if for whatever
> reason we have to take one of the machines down the load on the
> remaining machine will skyrocket to 2000+.
> Since it's apparent not everyone is aware of what we are doing, I'll
> mention briefly some of the bigger points.
> - We have contacted HP to see if we can get additional hardware, mind
> you though this is a long term solution and will take time, but if our
> request is approved it will double the number of machines
> runs.

Would you accept help from someone else than HP? is very
important, and hardware is cheap these days... What are the
requirements for machine to be interesting to I guess
AMD/1GHz, 1GB ram, 100GB disk is not interesting to you....

(cesky, pictures)
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