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Subject[PATCH][2.6.20-rc1-mm1] sparsemem vmem_map optimzed pfn_valid() [0/2]
This patch implements pfn_valid() micro optimization.

This uses ia64_pfn_valid() idea to check mem_map is valid or not instead of
sparsemem's logic.

By this, we'll not access mem_section[] in usual ops.

I attaches my easy test result with *micro* benchmark on SMP system.
I'm glad if you give me an advice about testing.

AIM Independent Resource Benchmark - Suite IX "1.1"

test on
CPU: Itanium2(madison) 1.3GHz x2, SMP
Memory: memory 8G
2.6.20-rc1-m1 /
extreme means SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP=n
vmem_map means SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP=y + optimze pfn_valid patch.
extreme vmem_map
creat-clo 136322 136989 File Creations and Closes per second
page_test 1042187 1076976 System Allocations & Pages per second
brk_test 2678559 2727286 System Memory Allocations per second
signal_test 309525 321052 Signal Traps per second
exec_test 803 801 Program Loads per second
fork_test 9354 9679 Task Creations per second
disk_rr 103766 103970 Random Disk Reads (K) per second
disk_rw 82978 80244 Random Disk Writes (K) per second
disk_rd 802548 872983 Sequential Disk Reads (K) per second
disk_wrt 130342 131408 Sequential Disk Writes (K) per second
disk_cp 107498 107823 Disk Copies (K) per second
sync_disk_rw 800 752 Sync Random Disk Writes (K) per second
sync_disk_wrt 81 78 Sync Sequential Disk Writes (K) per second
sync_disk_cp 84 78 Sync Disk Copies (K) per second
disk_src 44417 44379 Directory Searches per second
mem_rtns_1 3239352 3222140 Dynamic Memory Operations per second
mem_rtns_2 1157321 1155260 Block Memory Operations per second
misc_rtns_1 10799 10993 Auxiliary Loops per second
dir_rtns_1 1276159 1373725 Directory Operations per second
shell_rtns_1 175 176 Shell Scripts per second
shell_rtns_2 174 175 Shell Scripts per second
shell_rtns_3 175 175 Shell Scripts per second
shared_memory 646725 628769 Shared Memory Operations per second
tcp_test 93258 94928 TCP/IP Messages per second
udp_test 177984 177276 UDP/IP DataGrams per second
fifo_test 362774 385434 FIFO Messages per second
stream_pipe 320825 325931 Stream Pipe Messages per second
dgram_pipe 300789 303339 DataGram Pipe Messages per second
pipe_cpy 410539 449521 Pipe Messages per second

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