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SubjectRe: [PATCH 000 of 14] knfsd: Assorted nfsd patches for 2.6.20 - prepare for IPv6 and more
On Wednesday December 13, wrote:
> NeilBrown wrote:
> > Following are 14 patches for knfsd that are suitable for inclusion in 2.6.20.
> > First 13 are from Chuck Lever and make preparations for IPv6 support (I think we've
> > get them right this time).
> >
> > Last is from Peter Staubach and fixes and issue with exclusive create
> > interacting badly with some ACLs.
> Any word on this 2.6.19 oops?

Not yet... I've been spending my spare time looking for an md oops :-)

A quick look suggests that it cannot possibly happen ...

cancel_rearming_delayed_workqueue appears to be being called with a
bad "struct workqueue_struct *". But that really must have been
initialised when the first nfsd thread started...

It looks like cwq in flush_cpu_workqueue is 0x0000040000000100. Is
that the sort of address you would expect? Where do alloc_percpu
data structures live? The '4' wouldn't be a single-bit memory error,
would it? (that would be too easy).

So: no, no real progress. Is it repeatable?

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