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    SubjectRe: [RFC] new MSR r/w functions per CPU
    Rudolf Marek wrote:
    > Hello all,
    > For my new coretemp driver[1], I need to execute the rdmsr on particular
    > processor. There is no such "global" function for that in the kernel so
    > far.
    > The per CPU msr_read and msr_write are used in following drivers:
    > msr.c (it is static there now)
    > k8-edac.c (duplicated right now -> driver in -mm)
    > coretemp.c (my new Core temperature sensor -> driver [1])
    > Question is how make an access to that functions. Enclosed patch does
    > simple EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL for them, but then both drivers (k8-edac.c and
    > coretemp.c) would depend on the MSR driver. The ultimate solution would
    > be to move this type
    > of function to separate module, but perhaps this is just bit overkill?
    > Any ideas what would be the best solution?

    For now I think you could just export these and allow the dependency.
    I've been meaning to rewrite the MSR and CPUID drivers to use a common
    core, which would also allow invoking nnostandard CPUID and msrs which
    need the entire register file to be set; that should probably be
    included in that.

    In fact, I've made that change something like four times (it seems to be
    an airplane project that I never get around to submitting), so I should
    actually get it finished and sent in.

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