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SubjectRe: 2.6.19-mm1 (md/raid1 randomly drops partitions - possible sata_uli problem)
On Tuesday December 12, wrote:
> >
> > So when md writes to write out the superblock, to gets EIO... Odd that
> > you aren't getting errors for normal writes.
> >
> > What devices are the md/raid1 built on?
> Sata drives, on sata_uli.
> > >
> > > I'll try to reproduce it tomorrow and collect some more information.
> >
> > Thanks. More information is definitely better than less, so send over
> > anything you can find.
> Okay, seems to be readily reproducible, dmesg output from the failing kernel
> attached.

Weird. You are getting silent write errors...

Can you write to these drives are all? e.g.

dd if=/dev/sdb3 of=/tmp/tmp count=1
dd if=/tmp/tmp of=/dev/sdb3 oflag=direct

(hopefully 'direct' will cause write errors to be passed up).

I really think this looks like a sata problem, not an md problem.

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