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    SubjectRe: Mach-O binary format support and Darwin syscall personality [Was: uts banner changes]
    On Dec 12, 2006, at 13:20:19, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > That said, powerpc simply doesn't historically do any system call
    > translation, so you'll just have to implement the same kind of
    > translation layer that sparc has done, for example.

    Thanks a lot for all your help. I've got two last questions: From
    the code in entry_32.s I can dig up "current" from ((struct
    paca_struct *)r13)->__current to read a personality flag from it,
    right? Digging up offsets in assembly can't be very fun :-\
    Secondly, is there a preferred existing field into which I should
    stick said flag or just stuff it somewhere?

    This part seems like the easiest so far; no icky binary format
    parsing, no confusing memory maps. Thanks once again!

    >> So I guess all I have to do is:
    >> (A) Write a bunch of new syscall handlers taking arguments of
    >> the same types
    >> as the Darwin syscall handlers,
    > Yes. The big issue tends to be to translate all the errno's and the
    > fcntl structure pointers etc. THAT can be quite painful indeed. You
    > might ask David Miller and company about their SunOS stuff, and
    > look at things like
    > arch/sparc/kernel/{sys_sunos.c,sunos_ioctl.c}
    > for some sorry examples.

    Ok, I figured it was going to be ugly; maybe not quite _that_ ugly
    but my hopes weren't high enough for you to dash to any real degree :-D.

    Kyle Moffett

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