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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Introduce jiffies_32 and related compare functions
    From: Eric Dumazet <>
    Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 05:09:23 +0100

    > We definitly *like* being able to use bigger timeouts on 64bits platforms.
    > Not that they are mandatory since the same application should run fine on
    > 32bits kernel. But as the standard type for 'tick timestamps' is 'unsigned
    > long', a change would be invasive.
    > Maybe some applications are now relying on being able to
    > sleep()/select()/poll() for periods > 30 days and only run on 64
    > bits kernels.

    I think one possible target would be struct timer, at least
    in theory.

    There is also a line of reasoning that says that on 64-bit
    platforms we have some flexibility to set HZ very large, if
    we wanted to at some point, and going to 32-bit jiffies
    storage for some things may eliminate that kind of flexibility.

    Just some food for thought...
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