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SubjectRe: 2.6.19-mm1
Andrew Morton wrote:
> Temporarily at
> Will appear later at
> - There's some new runtime debugging in kmap_atomic(). It catches one
> buglet in in ata_scsi_rbuf_get() - there may be others. If it gets too
> noisy, please revert kmap_atomic-debugging.patch.
> - The reiser4 build is broken by some VFS changes I made.
> - New git tree git-ubi.patch (Artem Bityutskiy <>):
> It is a kind of LVM layer but for flash (MTD) devices which hides
> flash devices complexities like bad eraseblocks (on NANDs) and wear. The
> documentation is available at the MTD web site:
> - The x86_64 tree here is a few days old - the server is down.
> - Brought back the write()-deadlock-fix-and-writev-speedup patches.

Note that these still look like they have a couple of problems (you are
_very_ unlikely to hit them unless you are running with CONFIG_DEBUG_VM,
or actually have any useful data).

We're just looking at how to fix them now. Stress testing would be
appreciated, but not your production database.


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