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SubjectRe: New laptop - problems with linux
On 08-11-2006 15:41, Stephen Clark wrote:
> Hi list,
> I just purchased a VBI-Asus S96F laptop Intel 945GM & ICH7, with a Core
> 2 Duo T560,0 2gb pc5400 memory.
> From checking around it appeared all the
> hardware was well supported by linux - but I am having major problems.
> 1. neither the wireless lan Intel pro 3945ABG or built in ethernet
> RTL-8169C are detected and configured
> 2. the disk which is a 7200rpm Hitachi travelmate transfers data at 1.xx
> mb/sec
> according to hdparm. This same drive in my old laptop an HP n5430 with a
> 850 duron the rate was 12-14 mb/sec.
> Kernel command line: ro root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 ide1=dma ide1=ata66
> ide_setup: ide1=dma -- OBSOLETE OPTION, WILL BE REMOVED SOON!
> ide_setup: ide1=ata66 -- OBSOLETE OPTION, WILL BE REMOVED SOON!

Could you repeat the reason for this ides in kernel parameters?
Did you try to boot some fresh live-cd distro?

Jarek P.
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