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    SubjectRe: Strange write errors on FAT32 partition (maybe an FAT32 bug?!)

    Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:
    > Roger Heflin wrote:
    >> Christoph,
    >> Install then edac_mc module, and make sure through the
    >> sysctl command that pci parity checking is enabled.
    >> I have seen pci parity errors produce this sort of results,
    >> ie make 100 identical 50MB files, and cksum them and one
    >> will be wrong, do it a again, and the "wrong" one is now
    >> right, but someone else is "wrong".
    > Ah thx,... is it in the vanilla kernel?
    > And do you know of any possible results that this issue has? When I just
    > read data (see my original stuff with fat32) is it possible that this
    > had been modified or damaged?
    > Or are the only consequences that diff errors occur?
    > And what is responsible for that parity errors? Is it possible that any
    > hardware is damaged?

    The failure can manifest itself in many ways, I have
    only seen it as a read failure, but there should be no
    reason why it cannot also show as a write failure.

    It should be in the later vanilla kernels, it won't
    be in the earlier ones, I would do a
    find /lib/modules -name "*edac*" -ls

    It is a hw issue, either something is running faster that
    it should be (pci bus set to fast for the given hardware/config)
    or something is broken.

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