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SubjectRe: [ckrm-tech] [PATCH 2/6] Cpusets hooked into containers
On 11/6/06, Paul Jackson <> wrote:
> But I presume this CONFIG_CPUSETS_LEGACY_API option means I either
> get to build a kernel that supports the new container API, or a kernel
> that supports the old cpuset API. That does not seem useful to me.

No. The changes triggered by CONFIG_CPUSETS_LEGACY_API are:

- /proc/<pid>/cpuset is an alias for /proc/<pid>/containers
- a dummy "cpuset" filesystem exists
- mounting the "cpuset" filesystem causes:
- the container filesystem to be mounted in its place
- the release agent to be switched to /sbin/cpuset_release_agent
- defaults the "cpuset" container type to be enabled

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