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    SubjectRe: Promise PDC20375 (SATA150 TX2plus) doesn't work with last kernels.
    Hi, Jean!

    > So, I've investigated to see why UBUNTU Dapper see my IDE disk and why
    > newer kernels doesn't. There's some big changes in dmesg : a
    > sata_promise PATA port is found. Or it's on this port IDE disk is
    > plugged.
    > ---------------------
    > Is there any PATA support broken in new sata_promise/libata stuff ? Is
    > there any good kernel configuration in order to make it works?

    It's not broken, it's just not included yet.

    There is a patch somewhere out there, which could fix your issue.
    Just to give it a name, it's something like:


    I patched a and didn't run into any troubles with it with
    lots of i/o. So, i take it as "works for me". But Jeff knows when it's
    the right time to push that. :-)


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