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    SubjectRe: New filesystem for Linux
    H. Peter Anvin wrote:

    > Rene Herman wrote:

    >> For primary (and extended) partitions, yes. I haven't used any version
    >> of DOS that has ever objected to arbitrarily aligned partitions in the
    >> MBR (and I do align them arbitrarily since I always make my partitions
    >> some exact size and start the next partition in the next sector).
    >> Different though for logical partitions inside an extended. As late as
    >> Windows 98, DOS would object to non-aligned logicals, at the very
    >> least with some settings for the BIOS use/don't use LBA or "Large"
    >> settings.
    >> Linux doesn't care; I've used type 0x85 instead of 0x05 for my
    >> extended partitions dus to that for years. DOS just ignores that one...
    > DOS, or FDISK?

    DOS. It was something like DOS accepting the non cylinder-aligned
    logical but then proceding as if it were cylinder aligned anyway,
    rounding the starting sector down. This obviously is not good.

    Also see the "--DOS-extended" comment in the sfdisk man page. Since I do
    remember differences when using different "Large" CHSs in the BIOS, for
    all I remember I was experiencing that problem when I ran into it. If
    so, the DOS underlying Windows 98 is among the "some versions".

    In any case, yes, non-cylinder aligned logical partitions (for whichever
    defintion of "aligned" fits DOS' idea of the geometry) really do cause

    The DR-DOS (-> Novel DOS -> Caldera OpenDOS) warning in that manpage
    seems to imply that cylinder alignment was a good idea for all
    partitions seen by it, and I do remember it being a pain in that regard
    as well. Guess it's pretty safe to not care about DR-DOS anymore though.

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