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SubjectRe: New filesystem for Linux

> >>>As my PhD thesis, I am designing and writing a filesystem,
> >>>and it's now in a state that it can be released. You can
> >>>download it from
> >>
> >>"Disk that can atomically write one sector (512 bytes) so that
> >>the sector contains either old or new content in case of crash."
> >
> >New drives will soon use 4096-byte sectors. This is a better
> >match for the normal (non-VAX!) page size and reduces overhead.
> The drive (IDE model, SCSI can have larger sector size) will do
> read-modify-write for smaller writes. So there should be no compatibility
> issues. (this possibility is in new ATA standard and there is a way how to

Actually, there are. If you assume powerfail can only destroy 512
bytes... read-modify-write of 4K is going to destroy your "only 512
bytes destroyed" assumption...
(cesky, pictures)
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