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SubjectRe: New filesystem for Linux
H. Peter Anvin wrote:

[ partitions ]

> Actually, DOS/Win9x should handle arbitrary alignment just fine

For primary (and extended) partitions, yes. I haven't used any version
of DOS that has ever objected to arbitrarily aligned partitions in the
MBR (and I do align them arbitrarily since I always make my partitions
some exact size and start the next partition in the next sector).

Different though for logical partitions inside an extended. As late as
Windows 98, DOS would object to non-aligned logicals, at the very least
with some settings for the BIOS use/don't use LBA or "Large" settings.

Linux doesn't care; I've used type 0x85 instead of 0x05 for my extended
partitions dus to that for years. DOS just ignores that one...


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