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Subject[x86_64] Strange oprofile results on access to per_cpu data
Hi Andi

While doing some oprofile analysis, I got this result on ip_route_input() :
one particular instruction seems to spend a lot of cycles.

machine is a dual core 285, 2.6 GHz

* Command line: opannotate -a event:CPU_CLK_UNHALTED
* Interpretation of command line:
* Output annotated assembly listing with samples
* CPU: AMD64 processors, speed 2600.01 MHz (estimated)
* Counted CPU_CLK_UNHALTED events (Cycles outside of halt state) with a unit
mask of 0x00 (No unit mask) count 10000

ffffffff803e9860 <ip_route_input>: /* ip_route_input total: 543098 2.5487 */

/* relevant extract from ip_route_input() */
600 0.0028 :ffffffff803e98b3: mov $0xffffffff806375e0,%rsi
883 0.0041 :ffffffff803e98ba: mov %rax,%rdx
6 2.8e-05 :ffffffff803e98bd: mov %rsi,%rcx
2281 0.0107 :ffffffff803e98c0: cmp 0xf0(%rdx),%r12d
9767 0.0458 :ffffffff803e98c7: jne ffffffff803e98f1
108 5.1e-04 :ffffffff803e98c9: cmp 0xf4(%rdx),%r14d
41459 0.1946 :ffffffff803e98d0: jne ffffffff803e98f1
549 0.0026 :ffffffff803e98d2: cmp 0xec(%rdx),%ebx
88604 0.4158 :ffffffff803e98d8: jne ffffffff803e98f1
478 0.0022 :ffffffff803e98da: mov 0xe8(%rdx),%eax
315 0.0015 :ffffffff803e98e0: test %eax,%eax
241 0.0011 :ffffffff803e98e2: jne ffffffff803e98f1
248 0.0012 :ffffffff803e98e4: cmp 0xfc(%rdx),%r13b

2314 0.0109 :ffffffff803e98eb: je ffffffff803ea3b3
################ BEGIN
370 0.0017 :ffffffff803e98f1: mov %gs:0x8,%rax
222769 1.0454 :ffffffff803e98fa: incl 0x38(%rcx,%rax,1)
################ END
6 2.8e-05 :ffffffff803e98fe: mov (%rdx),%rdx
833 0.0039 :ffffffff803e9901: test %rdx,%rdx

__raw_get_cpu_var(rt_cache_stat).field++ appears to be very expensive

(about 18000 RT_CACHE_STAT_INC(in_hlist_search); are done per second, not an
impressive count in fact)

Are segment prefixes that expensive ?
Or is it only the first access to %gs:8 that is doing extra checks ?
(because other RT_CACHE_STAT_INC() done in the same function dont have this cost)
Or is it the loading of %rcx (done in ffffffff803e98bd) that is stalling ?

I was wondering if avoiding a dependancy would help :

As we dont have TLS support in kernel yet, I was considering trying (just for
experimentation) to stick a struct rt_cache_stat in pda, since it avoids one step.

#if defined(RT_CACHE_STAT_IN_PDA)
# define RT_CACHE_STAT_INC(field) add_pda(rt_cache_stat.field, 1)
# define addr_of_rt_cache_stat(cpu) &cpu_pda(cpu)->rt_cache_stat
static DEFINE_PER_CPU(struct rt_cache_stat, rt_cache_stat);
# define RT_CACHE_STAT_INC(field) (__raw_get_cpu_var(rt_cache_stat).field++)
# define addr_of_rt_cache_stat(cpu) &per_cpu(rt_cache_stat, cpu)

so that RT_CACHE_STAT_INC(field) would map to

addl $1,%gs:OFFSET /* no register needed */

Thank you
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