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    SubjectRe: SMP PREEMPT crashes (x86-64)
    Am Mittwoch 29 November 2006 18:02 schrieb Bart Trojanowski:
    > Hi all,
    > I've been getting spurious hangs in 2.6.18 lately... first I thought it
    > was hardware but tried different replacement parts and memtest. Nothing
    > showed any problems.
    > I finally hooked up a serial console to the box and I see the following.
    > I include the initial dmesg output to show what's in the machine.
    > - Nforce4 based Shuttle XPC (PCIe, forcedeth, etc)

    > [ 0.000000] Nvidia board detected. Ignoring ACPI timer override.

    Does your bios have the option to enable the hpet? (Maybe after a bios

    If not:

    Try booting with noapic, compile latest git kernel and buut it (w/o noapic).
    Above message should now not appear, if I am not mistaken. Otherwise you have
    to hack the kernel to not ignoge the timer override..

    But I could be mistaken...
    (°= =°)
    //\ Prakash Punnoor /\\
    V_/ \_V
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