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    SubjectRe: [2.6.19-rc2-mm2] oops removing sd card
    OK. After some testing I found something interesting: in vanilla
    2.6.19-rc4 - tifm works (I mean "removing the SD card from the
    FlashMedia controller does not oops")

    So, as I'm pretty sure 2.6.18-mm3 didn't trigger the oops, the cause
    is in something between 2.6.18-mm3 and 2.6.19-rc2-mm2.

    However, the driver does not survive a suspend-to-disk cycle; I will
    open another thread for this.


    On 10/29/06, Pierre Ossman <> wrote:
    > Alex Dubov wrote:
    > > I know that this is unfortunate, but I, currently, don't have an ability to put 2.6.19 kernel on a
    > > machine with ti controller. I have not seen this problem on 2.6.18, so I'm out of ideas.
    > >
    > So put together some patches that will help you figure out the problem
    > via Fabio. Tracking an oops isn't usually that difficult (it's usually
    > some bogus pointer somewhere). Just sprinkle BUG_ON():s and printk:s all
    > over the place until you can pinpoint the offending pointer.
    > Rgds
    > --
    > -- Pierre Ossman
    > Linux kernel, MMC maintainer
    > PulseAudio, core developer
    > rdesktop, core developer
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